Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Impowering Formula.

hi! i been into suffering this past few months...since my mom got paralized and I quit my job. Anyway...I would like to share things..how i overcome that feeling very very low...this is simple and practical.
1. Stop comparing yourself to other people..think that you are unique and you are uncomparable.
2. Stop thinking of the impossible plans...Try to work and achieve things that inline with what you can do now..i mean..in line with your skills and what you love to do...concentrate on this things, rather than the things which you desire to do but merely impossible because you don't have the capabalities to achive that.
3.Work on the possible..but dont stop dreaming to achieve and improve for the best....There are things that we like to expect,sometimes we think that we can do it but actually theres a things that still lacking, that stops you from achieving your dreams immediately.Dream Big but start small.
4.Remember that God had givin us an equal oppurtunities..people have different capabilities. There is one formula for success but people have different upbringings and life experience, some can achieve that easily, but some struggle because they still have that emotional baggages. Got never expect 5 talents to people who can give 2 talents. Meaning, you need to stop your insecurities and start enhancing that talent that God had givin...
5. Keep on learning- Remember that life is a never ending learning process. In order to achieve satisfaction and success, you need to accept and turn the pain of decipline into the satisfaction of personality development.
6. Trust God the things beyond your capacity. Seek Him and His righteosness and all things shall be added unto you. God had givin you free will, and brain and body to work..But dont forget to give him the glory and Put him first before everything..cast your burdens and worries..

This is a result of my reflection, i have tried this and it had a great impact to me now....Hope it works to you too.. amor

Monday, September 11, 2006

Its been a long time since i visited my blog...

updates of me here..well, am enjoying the challeges of life that i'm experiencing right now...i know its very hard here in my country but im fine and accept all those challenges in life..I know i will be keep going coz i have learned a lot. I reviewed every life phylosophy that i have, and those transformations of paradigm that i been learning for so many years..i know it will pay off as long as i have that great faith...yes Faith really work so much..when you feel like giving up..It's like seing a light inside the dark narrow bat cave. I enjoy also the discipline that i'm appying to myself..ohhh..it's really a great adjustment of me...and i dont entertain lovelife for the meantime...(maybe never seen him yet) I enjoy the company of my family and knowing a lots of friend. Thats life...some never believed that I have problems, coz they said they seen me glowing..but really, it's the inner pure self that make people looks glowing. Try not to mind to much your struggles and focus on your strenght and blessings..and look back How God keeps you strong by overcoming every challenges in this life. Cheereo! keep smiling...

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

You want some latest update on whats going on with the philippine idol, check this site..


Thursday, July 13, 2006

I admired the character of the teleserye of GMA's Jewel in the Palace. It is about how you will grow strong inspite of hindrances that comes along the way. Jang Geum story tolds about her parents misfortune, that brings her to realization to fight and prove her right to the palace officials and king. She is a mischeavous young lady who started her fortune, training to be a court lady in the kichen and later becomes a lady physician, who become the catalyst of change inside the palace. She have a lot of adversaries along the way including her amobitious bitter rival Geum Young and her cruel aunt Lady Choi.
Inspite of her enemy cunning and ruthlessness, jang Geum did have friends and mentors who looked after her and guided her along her difficult path to greatness.
Love grows and deepen between Jang Geum and Captain Jung ho Min an admired military man who fall in love with Jang Geums wisdom and passion for learning.

Jang Geum is really a very good inspiration for those who wants to achieve there dreams. I can say that, other people is not thehindrance. What really hinders and stop us from dreaming is just our mind whose always telling us that we can't make it and we are incapacitated and doesn't have resources to reach goals in our lives. Eagerness to learn is just like building a pipeline. It's really very intricate to build. It takes a lot of planning and studying for many years, pulling of resources in order to build that for many years. But once it was built...water will flow unstopably. Generation to generation will benefit just because of what you built. Buckets are easier to reach, and you can start working with your dreams right away. But without learning, reflection and planning eventually you will get6 tired later fetching water to fill your buckets and carrying that to your household to drink a good water to use it for your necessities and sharing it to your family.
Dream building is a process. I tell you, it is not instant. I believe in the saying practice makes perfect, and experience is not the best teacher but reflected experience is the best teacher. I was learning these for many years and now I felt that I already reach critical mass, Im unstoppable.
Our mind, will, emotions, and physical body are tools that we have been given to use. Most people have mistaken Identities, they tried to better there lives but they feel so limited, stuck and trap. Some people think that they are helpless and they keep comparing themselves to other people's ability. Actually, all we need is just a realization that we are unique and we have a hidden Jewel in the palace, which is our abilities and capabilities that are hidden inside and just waiting to be discover. I really appreciated my existence here on earth. I appreciated the challenges everyday because I know that this will mold me to become a better me.
Wait for chapter two next time...Enjoy reading!

Enjoying your Journey of Life(Reflection from the poem Ithika)

I hope that you will find inspiration by reading this good poem by Constantine Cavafy, as you reflect on this, hope you can gain some insights about how you can enjoy life to the fullest.

This poem is about a voyage of self-discovery and any goals or dreams one may have to achieve this. Both “Ithaca” and “The town where time stands still” include the belief that journeys are motivated by a desire to gain profit, achieve pleasure, overcome forces associated with the place, be enlightened or inspired, and to gain positive growth or alteration. In “The town where time stands still” the author speaks about a spiritual type of journey, a transformation that might accompany a physical journey from one place to another, and in the case of the poem “Ithaca”, you become a spiritually enriched person as a reward due to the journey you have undertaken. The message of the poem, that it is not only the destination that is important, it is the journey undertaken along the way that is most significant, and this is conveyed in the poem.


As you set out on your journey to Ithaca,
pray that the road is long,full of adventure, full of knowledge.
The Lestrygonians and the Cyclops,the angry Poseidon --
do not fear them:
You will never find such as these on your path,
if your thoughts remain lofty, if a fineemotion touches your spirit and your body.
The Lestrygonians and the Cyclops,the fierce Poseidon you will never encounter,
if you do not carry them within your soul,
if your soul does not set them up before you.
Pray that the road is long.
That the summer mornings are many,
when,with such pleasure, with such joy you will enter ports seen for the first time;
stop at Phoenician markets,and purchase fine merchandise,mother-of-pearl and coral,
amber and ebony,and sensual perfumes of all kinds,as many sensual perfumes as you can;
visit many Egyptian cities,to learn and learn from scholars.
Always keep Ithaca in your mind.
To arrive there is your ultimate goal.
But do not hurry the voyage at all.
It is better to let it last for many years;
and to anchor at the island when you are old,
rich with all you have gained on the way,not expecting that Ithaca will offer you riches.
Ithaca has given you the beautiful voyage.
Without her you would have never set out on the road.She has nothing more to give you.
And if you find her poor,
Ithaca has not deceived you.
Wise as you have become, with so much experience,
you must already have understood what Ithacas mean.
Constantine P. Cavafy (1911)
The first journey the poet describes is the physical journey. To reach your destination or your goals you must overcome many obstacles and challenges along the way. Although it may not be an easy road, what you learn along the way is invaluable. Imaginative journeys are described by the poet when he mentions imaginary monsters which do not exist. The “Lestrygonians”, “Cyclops” and “Poseidon” are all metaphorical symbols for the challenges and obstacles encountered along the way. In the entire poem the poet is attempting to analyse his inner-self and arrive at self discovery. On the journey described, you become wealthy and knowledgeable and hopefully get to know yourself better. The journey is seen as an analogy for intellectual pursuit and journey of ones soul. The “Egyptian cities” are a place of academic learning, where you may become more knowledgeable and wise through your learning.
The poem is about a journey of self discovery. It tells us that we must overcome all obstacles and challenges in life, such as “Lestrygonians”, “Cyclops” and “Poseidon”, keeping our thoughts noble. Various kinds of enrichment will be found, such as “pleasurable perfumes” and “fine merchandise”, only if the traveller does not impose fears and obstacles within themselves. By visiting “Hosts of Egyptian cities”, one will learn and become a better person. Throughout this long journey, you will become wealthy in a spiritual way. If the journey has been successful, you will come out of it with so many rewards. Rewards that are not measured in a material way, but in the spiritual enrichment you have gained.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

My written article1 ( Renewing your mind and emotions)

written by Ms. Bacharpa

"We are not troubled by things, but by the opinion we have of things." EPICTETUS

I like writing my experiences and reflecting on the things that i have done in a day. Well, I was out of town the whole day...working and finding clients for our incoming variety show program..My steps seems very heavy, my thoughts wrestle, I felt pity for myself walking down the road with no umbrella to cover the hit of the sun. I'm not like this lately...I know i'm well motivated and really like this job so much. But It seems that my day is so heavy...I remembered that yesterday, my manager and I have that talk...and it seems that she never believed in me that i can really do some close deals and I felt demotivated the whole day...

The mind and emotions are like the mucles in your physical body, with proper care and exercise, we can strengthen them.Lack of use and discipline to exercise in your muscles will cause them to become weak. The thought that fill our mind and the way we feel at any given moment do not have to be the things that are happening to us. There is a difference between being a person who is taking action in life and being a person who spends more time reacting to people and circumstances. That's why i felts heavy that day because I am more concern with reacting to people and circumstances. i remembered my friend saying to me..It's not what happened to you that is important, but how you react to the situation...thats a very powerful sentence.

Most people are unconscious about themselves..What on earth they are here for?..what is there purpose in life. Much of the confusion and pain in many people's life is due to the fact that they have a mistaken identity.They walk around everyday trying to get theings done to make there lives better but feel so limited, trapped and stuck. They felt helpless and mistakenly percieve themselves a s only a physical body with a mind and emotions. The other way of saying it..is, If i'm not talented and I dont have this things, im good as nothing.

i f we can keep your prevailing reality and your constant and continuous predominat awareness centered on the truth, then living a freelife really becomes very simple. Living your dream purpose life, is simply the way it really is, the way life is really suppose to be, who we are in the inside and who we are created to be.

Sometimes our mind decieves us. Our mind can play the tricks and can cause us to dissability. Most of the fears that stops a person from making one's dream a reality are not caused by real threat but just a production of thoughts. I remember one story about a young woman who have been offered with fake medication...she had been told that the medicine will cure her. She believed in it so much, ridicuolously, she was cured. The illness there is just the collection of thoughts, and that collection of thoughts become the philosophy for getting well. Onece the heart and mind were saturated day and night with reality, they reach critical mass and the God given, built in healing and restoration process went to work in their physical body to correct the problem. Whether its physical of psychological.

I will just update this article, and write more views here based on the collection of learning from different books..

Just remember, the quality of your thoughts determines the quality of your life.


Thursday, June 29, 2006

Thanks Philippine Idol Judges for letting me to join the manila theater audition.

Chapter 1
( not interested!)
Well, philippine idol is really a very tough competition...If you can't reach the standard..they will never really accept you..
My friend convinced me to join this prestigious competition, because he believes that i can really make it. Well, I never believe in him..coz that time I'm really very busy with my studies in counseling and i told myself that..Philippine idol is not for me, thats just for my future children...I'm too late for that...
He told me that, I can still join because i am still 27 years old. well, I told him that I will try...but at the back of my mind..I'm not interested and as just a respect to him..I will go there and audition.
Chapter 2
(I was forced!but later like it!)
I passed the RMN screening, and they keep announcing my name on air..until a lot of people know that I'm joining...The radio station called me to get that fast track form..and i gone there, but during that fast track schedule, i never made it..coz i'm traveling outside Davao for my job...and was not so interested really with that competition..My friend is there and he keep on calling my phone, and telling me to go there at SM.The RMN staff told me that my number had already passed number 44, and i have to go to main audition at waterfront to compete. They have choosen 10 from that over 100 plus of people who auditioned the fast track.
Finally 23th of June had come...My friend told me to wake up as early as 4pm but..hey! me and my tired body can't wake up early...He knocked on my door at 5am, and I'm still in bed...we go there at 7 am.yes, theres people there, but not that much..I was number 9 who arrived early..I never take the leave in my job, because i Though it will be very easy...when after the audition, I can go immediately to work...but...ahhhh...ahhhh...I'm wrong...theres a lot of pictorials and shootings...
Chapter 3-
( getting noticed!)
They have noticed my dressing and become that production staff favorate to be interviewed..they let me sing..that Matud- Nila song while we are on line waiting to go inside.

It's around 9:am when the registration begun. and started going to the function room where there is judges at 10:00 a.m. I'm among the first batch..number 10.Well, I'm late with my job...so I texted my boss that I have hyperacidity and can't make it..but I will go to work in the afternoon.Well, I gone to comfort room to urinate, but the camera followed me and let me sing infront of the mirror for the footage..Well, I sang....thats a good practice..atleast, seing myself infront of the mirror. I't my turn now to go inside...nerve wrecking...Ohhh its Davao's best judges...When they told me, to make them impress...I sang part of my piece, but they never allowed me to finish that because they already told me that I have made it to the next round..It was that easy...some contestant, sing even 3 songs there..but i only sang one unfinished line.

On the next round, theres a batch of Manila Judges..in my batch, there are 3 of us who made it to this round. The judges there let me sing the piece and keeps criticizing my singing style...and he often told me..I'm sorry..you can't really make it! well, It's ok for me..If i cant make it or not..I'm not nervous anymore and i have gain a lot of confidence.When i sang the last tagalog piece intitled Ikaw..he told me....I'm sorry Amor but you made it! and handed me over my blue pass to the next audition with the three main Judges...Pilita, Franscis and Ryan Cayabyab. Theres a lot of interviews there, and they have found out that I can paint, and my favorate subject is nude painting...so the abC-5 production decided to have shooting with me painting a nude subject...hahahahaha....
Chapter 4
(showing what I can do!)

On sunday, they visited my place and I prepared my pain and brush and of course the house..coz its not good that, they will have footage there and my house is unprepared.I canceled the church...I felt bad..but it's ok. This is a rare event. Well, my nieghbor got curious, with unexpected guests in the place. I know, i never have enough things in the house, and never have much to offer...I live alone now, separate from my family for independence..But, well...me is me...I dont have something to hide, and just showing what i have got there. 3 hours shooting and interviewing me, they went to my room and got some pictures what i have inside in the room...I also played the flute infront of the camera...since my guitar is not there. They shot me reading my collection books and pausing with my second hand clothing collections. It is a very tiring day..and I have fever that evening coz in the morning is the main audition.

chapter 5
( the main audition to get that gold pass)
the moment...It's 8 a.m. and we are there in the hotel with my close friend and sister. There are 75 people who got that blue pass and was aiming to get that gold pass. Still we are told to wear the same dress that we wear last 23th. People are staring each other and was very nervous. But i felt nothing..Well, i have done mind setting and praying and vocalizing and i have always that walkman on my ears, so that i can focus with myself and not be distructed by other people. I never expected to get that gold pass, what I'm thinking is..I just do my best and well, never ex[ect something in return..anyway, i have a good job here, It's a win win case for me..If I pass this, well, blessing for me...but if i will never make it..well, I'm ok here with my new job. So i never forced myself to be there, but i just see to it, that I am doing the best that i can..even if i never make it. I have all the confidence, and i never compared myself to other people there...coz i know i am unique..and I'm maria Amor...and nobody is created exactly like me...
Well, when I entered the final room...Ms. Pilita smiled and said to me..I like this woman! thats an amazing comment. we have a better conversation there. and they let me sing my piece. She like the way i sing, and she like my style and energy..Francis made a comment on my pronunciation of exchanging consonants of f and p, and v to b and maybe t to th...hahahah, i know before that thats one of my problem in my singing, and he is very wise to notice that.
They allowed me to sing one Filipino song, I sang the matud nila..very unprepared...Ryan cayabyab made a comment on my slipt notes...but pilita defended that visayan is not my master piece even i'm a visayan..the two have made the decision to let me in..but the last judge was pausing...ryan cayabyab..and was saying....well, maria amor welcome to manila! I go out not on the back door but on the front door...everybody is rejoicing, and i was shouting...Welcome me manila! pictorials, orientation and interviews...blablabla....well, i will fly there by 29th of july..but i have to prepare my body and to loose some wieght...If its for me...well, God will give that, if not for me...I'ts ok...I'm still winning.

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My Philosophy in life

Life is a never ending learning for me....as long as I live, I keep on learning...Life is a stage, we are the actors, Our God is our director. It depends on what role to you play in your life...but the best thing is ..how we play it well...

If you fail to plan you plan to fail. Planning and setting goals for me is very crucial. A life without plan is a wasteful life, we have limited psychic energy and time...so we better use it efficiently for better things that can lead you to what you want to be.

My Power is in the present. I'm not a layed back person. I believe that there is no power in the past and the future, you can't hold them, the only power that I have is now..So i must do what i can do now to improve my future and later i can look back to a good past, because of the good decision that I'm going to make now.

i'll share some of that later...just keep on learning!

Who am I, Maria?(life story)

My name is Maria Amor Bacharpa, its a rare name i know... I love being called as Maria or Amor but my family usually called me Mimie. I'm the fist born child in the family and was raced in a very simple typical Filipino family.. My dad is security guard and my mom is a plain housewife. I'm the eldest of seven, there are 5 girls and 2 guys. My family is a very loving family. We are very poor, but my father is working hard to send me and my other sibling to school.I'm a shy type of personality before..and my first learned talent was in arts..I have a very creative mind and I often paint. Later I learn a lot of talents because i dont want to be left behind, and i know it is very painful when somebody got what they want, they are rich and talented and you dont have...I felt the pain of being always put down, ever since when i was a child..when you never have rice to eat, when you are hungry and your cousins have much but never gave, when other people enjoy life, and you are poor and notheing gonna listen to what you want to say because you are powerless. I graduated in my highschool with lots of non academic achievements and academic achievements.
Next chapter-(college years)
I gone to college with only 20 pesos as my faire and no excess, since my house is very far from school, but it never hinder me in achieving my dreams. I got a scholarship in University of Mindanao Choral, and I'm singing alto2. It was great coz it saves my study and i know i have good future ahead. I often stayed in the library with my islam friend Dia, coz we never have money for lunch too often..so we always buy that Halls and White rabbit to aid our hunger, for we never have money to but food. My shoes are always that relief goods from my Aunt and sometimes its not too fit, but i will forced it on my feet coz i never have choice of wearing any new shoes, my family doesnt have the money to but brand new things. I often stroll the street going to the bank where my father work to ask some extra money but he always never have that extra for my lunch.. I often cried coming back to school where my other friends waited for me for lunch..but i always told them to go ahead coz i never have money...they often go to a good resturant to eat, and sometimes they felt pity on me and let me join them for treat.
I always keep in balance with my grades and singing. I never have much time for love life in my college, coz i know...how valuable is my life to be wasted. First things first...study is the objective and thats the passes of my dreams. I graduated in college year 2000, with Bachelor degree in Marketing.
Chapter 3 ( The life outside the school)
well, better for me to get a job after graduation...my first job is, i become a personal assistant of a chinnese business man in his insurance business, and I also go out selling insurance. It's hard coz i'm a fresh graduate and and working as an agent, but that was a very good training.
My boss become my best friend later and he also become my mentor now..His family becomes my extended family. I stopped working with Mr. Soon in 2003 and just working and hand painting dresses for six months before i got a job as a sales executive in southern Mindanao in Hanford Men's underwear(Mansfield International). I'm still single now...hahahaha...good for me to enjoy life to the fullest. I'm about to resign Mansfield now, but got blessed being accepted in one top t.v. network here in the Philippines. I take up units in Psychology in the previous year and have taken units in Master's of Arts in Counseling. And here I am..I was never expecting to be the gold passer in this prestigious Singing Competition...

Welcome to my site guys!

hey guys!!! thanks for dropping by....I felt so excited to share my Philippine idol experience in this site...
I'm dowloading some of my pictures and interests..and hope that you enjoy browsing. I was very happy that I'm picked as one of the gold ticket passer in the main audition of Philippine Idol. I will tell you a lot of my stories here...so just keep on visiting my site. God Bless you all!